We successfully passed the supplier quality system audit of Sinoma Wind Power Blade Co., Ltd
 Dec 21, 2020|View:33697

September 25th-27th ,2020, the auditors from Sinoma Wind Power Blade Co., Ltd. came to our company for the supplier quality system audit (second-party audit) of wind blade adhesive. It started from the first meeting on which our general manager introduced the quality management system work we carried out and he also appreciated Sinoma' many years great support to us for our quality management system improvement. Nanjing Hitech will continue to meet customers’ needs and provide professional products and technical solutions.

During the audit, director Wang led the quality department, technology department, production department and other departments to act seriously and reply auditors' each questions in detail. Manager Xiao from Sinoma had mainly focused on the quality management system and wind blade adhesive products. He also examined the system implementation ,the design and development ability, the formulation and implementation of process flow chart, PFMEA and process control plan, visual management, identification, equipment, inspection etc.

Sinoma had a comprehensive understanding of our company's product design, technical research and development, production process, product evaluation and quality management system through this audit. At the same time, the audit team leader manager Xiao fully confirmed our company's quality system management and said this audit was the best ever.

Meanwhile, manager Xiao also gave a lot of valuable suggestions, this will help to comprehensively improve the management level of our company and customers service.