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    Underwater Wrapped System
      • Underwater Wrapped System
      • Underwater Wrapped System
      • Underwater Wrapped System
      • Underwater Wrapped System
      • Underwater Wrapped System
    Product Details

    A new corrosion protection solution for steel pipes since 2000

    Technology originally originated in Holland

    It has been widely used in Europe and America


    Simple and quick operation

    Steel tube surface treatment only requires St2 level, without sand blasting

    It can be bonded directly to all the base surfaces, no need for primer

    Coiled materials, just unpacking, simple operation

    No need for prefabricated, suitable for all sizes

    2 hours curing time , the operation time is sufficient, and the molding can be formed after curing

    Available both in water and out water

    Light and high strength, inner layer + outer layer is about 4.7 kg/m2

    The cold flow characteristic of the inner layer is completely attached to the surface of the steel tube, and the material has excellent barrier property

    The outer layer is closely woven, with high mechanical strength and effective protection against external force damage

    Inactive chemical, can be used in critical environments

    Long time immersion in simulated sea water of high concentration 5%Nacl, the surface is free of corrosion

    Fully compatible with coating, electrode protection and other anti-corrosion measures (3 layers of PE anti-corrosion layer)

    The overall protection of steel pipe pile, or partial corrosion, partial repair after damage

    Harmless to the environment, non-toxic, odorless

    Material retention time: 24 months

    Application effect sustainable over 10 year


    Drilling platforms Port piers Port piers
    Drilling platformsBridges Steel sheet pile

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