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    Weather Resistant PV Adhesive
      • Weather Resistant PV Adhesive
      • Weather Resistant PV Adhesive
    Product Details

    Lica®- 660 Weather resistant solar PV adhesive

    ——Non-destructive solution for color steel tile roof

    is a modified double-component epoxy-based adhesive , solvent free, non-toxic, with high tensile strength , strong thixotropy properties good freezing resistance and aging resistance.

    It has been successfully applied to all kinds of large bridges, buildings and hydraulic structures. The installation is reliable and can be widely used in bonding between trapezoidal and square purlin and rail clamp steel tile, There is no hole damage to the tile and effectively avoid the structural safety and water leakage problems. The adhesive is injection and mixing type. It is convenient and high efficient to construction.


    Modified double-component epoxy-based adhesive , high tensile strength ,solvent free, non-toxic.

    Excellent corrosion resistance, fatigue resistance, freeze-thaw resistance and aging resistance.

    Optimized from civil engineering structural adhesive technology ,successfully applied to all kinds of large bridges, buildings and hydraulic structures.

    Injection type ,convenient and high efficiency.

    Suitable for trapezoidal and square color steel tiles, without damaging and avoiding leakage.

    After 10 million times of fatigue test, specimen is nondestructive and the retention rate of adhesive strength is as high as 86%.

    Operation process:

    1、Positioning according to the drawings.

    2、Grind to remove paint , rust and mark.

    3、Clean the bonding interface with alcohol and dry it naturally.

    4、Put the hose into the adhesive gun and screw up the static mixer.

    5、Squeeze the gun, discard the front 20cm part adhesive.

    6、Uniformly coat less than 2mm thick of the adhesive on the surface of the color steel tile.

    7、Put the clamp on the bonding position and press it lightly. Make the adhesive overflow evenly to ensure complete bonding.

    8、The initial curing time is 1H and the complete curing time is 24h. Avoid walking around before the initial curing so as to maximum bonding effect.

    Defects of traditional solution for nail type trapezoidal color steel tile roof (Self tapping screws + waterproof gasket + waterproof adhesive)

    Many drilled holes will reduce the upperstructure strength and bearing capacity.

    Waterproof gasket and waterproof adhesive are easily deteriorated.

    Leakage is everywhere and increased the maintenance costs.

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