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    Successful participation in the CICI conference and CAMX exhibition.

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    Nanjing Hitech participated in the CAMX and CICI Conference held in Orlando, USA, from 11 to 14 December 2017, and achieved great success.

    CICI,Center for the integration of composites into infrastructure. Founded in July 2009, it is an Industrial-university cooperative research center composed of professionals from many American universities and National Science Foundation. It is dedicated to the promotion and cost-effectiveness enhancement of composite materials in civil and military fields. Representatives of several well-known American universities, organizations and companies participated in the meeting, including the National Science Foundation of the United States and the Advisory Committee on Industry of the United States.West Virginia University, University of Miami, North Carolina StateUniversity, University of Texas at Arlington, National Science Foundation.


    Nanjing Hitech was invited to attend the meeting. At the meeting, representatives of various professionals were invited to elaborate on the new technologies and applications emerging in the composite industry, and to conduct close technical exchanges.


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