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    Nanjing Hitech participated in the 2018 American CAMX exhibition and achieved great success.

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    The CAMX co-organized by ACMA and SAMPE, is a comprehensive exhibition linking global composite materials and advanced materials. CAMX is one of the most influential composite exhibitions in America. It provides a good platform for the interaction of technology exploration, experience exchange and innovation between the two countries. It is the first time in CAMX.



    The exhibition show three series of products, i.e. the series of construction materials, the series of pultrusion materials and the series of materials for wind blades. The carbon fiber pultrusion materials of our company attracted extensive interest from customers who came to the exhibition, and exchanged with customers on the research and development results and progress of various products at present. Our company's generous image, active service and high-quality products have attracted the attention and affirmation of many professionals, so that international customers through the endless stream.



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